Clubs can join WUFC as a partner in The United Football Program

Coming Very Soon = Partner Schools

Core benefits to partnering clubs:

1. TUFP is designed to financially support partner clubs.

✓ Your club receives financial and other benefits

2. TUFP partner clubs are not required to do any of the work.

✓ All TUFP events are created, managed and conducted by TUFP staff.
✓ Your club volunteers do not have any extra work to do for TUFP.

3. TUFP partner club players and their families benefit.

✓ Players can participate in TUFP events at their club.

✓ Participating players and their families receive great WUFC rewards.

Contact Harry Manaras at TUFP to enquire for your club.

“I look forward to clubs across Victoria, especially the West, joining The United Football Program. It’s an important way for us to find future talent and connect with our community.”

– John Aloisi