Training Squads

The United Football Program Training Squads give junior players the opportunity to learn to Play The United Way.

Children attending TUFP Training Squads will:
✓ Join the United Team.
✓ Receive a TUFP Players Kit to wear.
✓ Improve their football skills.
✓ Be challenged to do their best.
✓ Have fun.
✓ Learn to play The United Way.

IMPORTANT Parent Information:
1. All players wear their TUFP Kit.
2. Shin pads are compulsory.
3. Every player should take their own water bottle.
4. Parents are welcome to watch, but please do not get involved or call out to players.
5. Training is ON unless you receive an SMS saying it is cancelled/delayed/etc for any reason.

We look forward to meeting you and your children at a TUFP Training Squad near you real soon.